Pre-planning is something you do for your family. Making decisions in advance spares your loved ones from making them at an emotionally charged time. By pre-planning, the choice is yours, as personal as you wish, made confidentially and without pressure.

Although not required when making pre-arrangements, most people choose to set aside funds that will cover their future funeral expenses. Pre-paying these expenses allows you to control cost, avoid emotional overspending, and guarantees today's pricing for a need years in the future.

Pre-paying a funeral guarantees today's prices for tomorrow's needs. We have a variety of plans available. 100% of the pre-need funds received go into a trust or insurance policy. The interest or dividends gained offsets inflation. If there is a shortfall in the cost of the goods and services we provide at the time of need, we make up the difference at no cost to your family. In the vast majority of cases, we recommend placing the pre-need funds into a guaranteed issue life insurance policy that we set up for you. Funding a pre-need funeral with insurance allows you to remain the owner of the policy. You physically have the policy in your possession and have complete control over it.

At McCabe Brothers, with well over 100 years experience, we are very well versed in setting up Funeral Trusts and when necessary, keeping within the requirements of Pennsylvania's Medicaid for Long-term Care Programs and it's allowable limits.

We are happy to meet with you at your home or at the funeral home to explain the various programs and answer any questions. There is, of course, no obligation. If you have questions about pre-planning or about any of our services, feel free to call Ed or Jerry at (412) 661-3134 or email us at