Pamela Jordan

Obituary of Pamela D. Jordan

Pamela Jordan I was standing at the counter waiting to be served, I turned, she was sitting in a booth, and we caught each other's eye. It was fifty years ago and there was a spark between us. The spark ignited a flame! The Jacarandas were in bloom when Pam Jordan departed her beloved home in San Miguel de Allende in central Mexico and returned to her long time Shadyside residence. Pam slipped away quietly at 4:17 PM on Sunday 4-17-2022. She succumbed to a debilitating illness after a long struggle. It was like Hemingway describing going bankrupt: slowly then all at once. So, Pam has found the peace she deserves. Pam loved the life she lived and lived the life she loved. She made dear, loving friends wherever she went and lived her life to the fullest with a special grace and elegance. She never wasted a minute! Pam was born in McKeesport, Pennsylvania on May 22, 1951. She was the air her husband, best friend, and constant companion, Eugene Poletini, breathed. She was preceded in death by her parents Donald R. Jordan Jr. and Shirley Finnin, and in addition to her husband, she is survived by her brothers, Rick Jordan of Sausalito, California and his son Cole of New York City, and Jeff Jordan and his wife Allison and their children, Sadie and Bo of San Rafael, California. Pam was a teacher at the McEwan School in Shadyside and led the transition when McEwan closed and was reborn as the Kentucky Avenue School. She inspired and mentored a generation to be curious, creative, literate, and fearless. For many years Pam was also buyer of fashion and jewelry for Shadyside establishments Alan Price and E. B. Pepper. Pam helped dress and accessorize countless Pittsburgh women with a flair and panache only she could accomplish. Pam was an intriguing, vibrant, cultured, sarcastic, well read, adventurous woman who brought out the best in everyone she encountered. Her wanderlust took us far and venues from Maine to Mexico, California to Europe and beyond. We will always have Paris,Slim! She was a classy photogenic woman. Cute as a button, smart as a whip, sharp as a tack. Her love of books was immense and provided her many friends and students with a steady list of recommendations. Pam was the go-to person for travel, books, movie, and television recommendations and advice. Pam was a complex human being who proceeded with grit and determination. She was a great hostess who brought a wide variety of people together. She enjoyed the company and companionship of others and people enjoyed her company, wit, and hospitality. Pam settled in the mountains of central Mexico, a country, a culture, and a climate she had an affinity for. As was her nature, she found a condominium being constructed, and with her sense of style and décor, created a special, unique environment that showcased her exemplary good taste, that we and our friends enjoyed for many years. Her good taste was a focal point of everyone she knew, and many she didn't. Strangers frequently complimented her dress and style. As they say in Mexico, she was my “media naranja”, the other half of our perfect orange. An expression used to describe one half of a perfectly matched couple. Our love for each other transcends our physical presence and we are not as far-gone as it seems. Before Pam closed her eyes one final time, she looked at me, we caught each other's eye. The flame was diminished but the spark was still there. Hasta luega. Te veo luego, Pammy. A Celebration of Life for Pam will be held later this summer. If desired, memorial contributions may be made to National Guild for Community Arts Education, Condolences may be left at